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For Sale! Zu verkaufen! Na sprzedaż!  CASONE IN PIETRABRUNA

Location: Pietrabruna / Liguria (Italy)
Living area: ca. 30 sqm + 2500 sqm Olive grove
Rooms: --
PRICE: 27.000,00 EUR

Property description:

The casone is a ruin that can be rebuilt. In the area of Pietrabruna to realize a new building is hardly possible due to nature and monument protection but a reconstruction of an old house is allowed to do. The house may be extended by about 25% of the volume. At the moment it is a typical so-called casone or rustico: an agricultural building inbetween the olive grove. The object is actually not habitable, the new house has to be built on the old foundation walls, the character of the building (window and roof shape) must be maintained.

The building is situated in a fantastic location in the middle of olive trees with a wide view over the valley to the sea, absolutely quiet. Next to the house there is another Rustico, which is used as a garden shelder and which is not permanently inhabited. The village of Pietrabruna is about 5 minutes walk on an ancient mule track. By car you can easily reach the house via a paved road from Pietrabruna. The property includes 2500 sqm of land planted with ancient olive trees.

My husband and I have done just such a project a few years ago. We would be pleased to advise you on the organization of the work and the administrative procedures.

The house has no electricity, water, sewage and gas connection. The electricity and water pipes are not far away, and can be led to the house. For wastewater, a biological three-chamber plant can be installed.

Pietrabruna is located 10 km behind the popular seaside resort of San Lorenzo al Mare in the Ligurian hinterland. The village looks back on a long history, it has its origins in the 12th century. In the center, the medieval structures are still easily to recognize. You quickly get lost in the maze of narrow streets, stairways and covered passages, the so-called Caruggi. You are enchanted by the mystical atmosphere. Here, time stood still.

Earlier Pietrabruna was known not only for olive cultivation, but especially for its lavender fields and the production of lavender essence. Unfortunately, there are only a few lavender farmers left. The other product, well-known also outside the village is the "Stroscia the Pietrabruna". A very special cake made in the village bakery which is sold in the shop next to it. It's definitely a Must try!

In the village there are two restaurants: "Au Torciu" and "Cacciatori", the second is also a bar, a center of social life of the village. Very good food for a fair price. Just recently, there has also opened a second bar.

In Pietrabruna nowadays there live some sun-seeking immigrants from Northern Europe, some permanently, some only during the holiday seasons. Living together works pretty good. The Pietrabrunesi are very open, friendly and helpful.

The nearest seaside resort of San Lorenzo al Mare has beautiful, free sandy beaches. Since you don't need to pay any entrance fee, sun loungers can be rented, but you don't have to. The small town, which ends at a palm-lined beach promenade, has some good restaurants, bars, shops and very good ice cream parlors. It is small but nice. From our years of experience we can say that you can even find easily in August a parking in San Lorenzo. From here, the newly built "Pistaciclabile" - the longest cycle path in Europe on the old railway line -starts on the beach and leads to far behind Sanremo. You can rent bicycles in San Lorenzo, the track is completely car-free and also recommendable for children.

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