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Facts and general travel information



Every thursday morning (until 12.30) - Large weekly market on Via Cascione in the district of Porto Maurizio.

Every wednesday and saturday morning (until 12.30) - Large weekly market at the San Giovanni church in the district Oneglia.

Artisan, flea and bio market - from Eastern to October every 2nd sunday of the month.

San Remo:
Every tuesday and saturday morning - Large weekly market in the center with 240 booths.

Ventimiglia :
Huge market every friday at the seaside. From 7 o'clock, all day.

Pieve di Teco:
Large antique and flea market. Last sunday of the month, Corso Marconi and Portici (Arcades) from 8.00 to 20.00 o'clock.

Village shops

If you have rented a house in Vasia, you can easily buy bread rolls in the small village shop on the main road. Sometimes, when there are many tourists, we recommend to place an order for the rolls for the next morning. The shop is well stocked, you can get everything there, from milk and fresh meat to grill lighters. Unfortunately, at the moment it is only open in the morning.

The next store you will find in Pantasina, it is little bigger and you'll find a wide selection of local products such as bio olive oil, mountain cheese, fresh eggs. This store is open all-day with a lunch break from 12.30 to 16.00 o'clock.

Otherwise you can easily do your shopping in Dolcedo, where there are several shops, a pharmacy, a very good butcher, a bar and restaurant.

Supermarket „Conad“
Drive through Vasia or Dolcedo in direction of the coast. After you have passed under a motorway bridge, you can find on the right side a supermarket with a large parking place at the front.

Opening times in summer 9.30 bis 21.00 o'clock , open on sunday (lunch break from 12.30 bis 15.00 o'clock). Very good food quality, excellent fish and meat counter.

Extra Vergine Immobilien / Real EstateFresh Fish
When you spend your holidays at the sea, you should also try the excellent Mediterranean fish. In Imperia, in the port of Oneglia it is possible to buy fish directly from the boat in the morning. You do not have to get up at 5.00 o'clock in the morning, also at 10.00 o'clock there is still something left.

Olive oil and olive products
Of course you can buy anywhere in Liguria olive oil and the quality is almost always higher than what you can get for the same money in Germany. But someone looking for something special, should contact small mills and village shops. There you will get really good products, no waste and no oils mixed together from different locations.

 Best of all would be if you buy directly from the manufacturers, they produce mainly for home consumption and you will certainly learn something about the cultivation of Taggisca olives and the production of olive oil. Here you get a good price and performance ratio.

If you want to order from Germany, I can help you. We offer excellent bio olive oil from Vasia with the EU certificate in 1 L bottles or cans of 5 liters.

In the news stands and supermarkets you can find a German language newspaper "Riviera and the Côte d'Azur Zeitung". The journal is published monthly and offers interesting articles about the area as well as an extensive event calendar for Côte d'Azur, Monaco and Riviera.

More informations:

In almost all of my houses it is allowed to bring your dog. Merely a small surcharge on the final cleaning is requested. The villages mostly are situated off the tourist bustle and you can easily go outside house with your dog. Everywhere you will find small ways or ancient mule paths. The plots are traditionally not fenced off, so that you can walk wherever you want.

In restaurants it is common to ask whether dogs are allowed. During the summer months when you are sitting most of the time outside it is usually no problem. The beaches are during the summer months a taboo for dogs. However, there is in Imperia - Poro Maurizio a special dog beach. It is located in the suburb of Borgo Marina. It is the first beach, directly opposite of the hotel "Corallo" which is fenced off and clean.

Unfortunately, there are also in Liguria mosquitoes in summertime. Besides the "big" ones which are also known from northern Europe, there are also quite small ones. This variety is called "papatacci" which can be quite annoying. The only thing what helps (my experience after 10 years holidays in Liguria) is "Autan Family" and for the property, the small outlet plug anti-mosquito plates. These small devices are available in any supermarket or village shop. It really works and you can sleep with open windows. Chrysanthemums smell is used for which is not unhealthy.

Extra Vergine Immobilien / Real Estate Extra Vergine Immobilien / Real Estate Extra Vergine Immobilien / Real Estate Extra Vergine Immobilien / Real Estate

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