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Real Estate

Unsere Ape vor Ort. Ohne diese geht's nicht!
Welcome to the Riviera
ExtraVergine Immbilien. Ihr eigenes Haus in Ligurien. Ichhelfe Ihnen ihr Traumhaus zu finden. Vom Rustico bis zur Villa mit Pool. Individuell und persönlich.

In the year 2000, we spent the first holiday in Liguria with our family. Already after the second vacation we bought a small ruin and developed it into a house. Meanwhile, a large vegetable garden and many olive trees have been added and we spend a large part of the year in Prelá Castello. We have found many friends and fell in love with this spot of earth. I'd like to share my enthusiasm for this region with you

ExtraVergine Immobilien / Real Estate in LiguriaI will offer you houses and apartments in different conditions and for every budget. I know all objects and their owners personally. My husband and I have already bought two houses in the Ligurian hinterland and restored with much of our personal contribution, it often was an adventure. 

We are very pleased to be able to help our clients to recommend craftsmen and architects, translate, if necessary, and to explain the vagaries of Italian bureaucracy. We have been helped by our Italian friends and neighbors and we learned a lot. We would like to share our knowledge with you!

If you want to get to know Liguria, I recommend you to rent a holiday home with me first. I manage about 30 objects in the hinterland of Imperia. There will be something for everyone. I think it is very important before taking any decision that you know the country or village where you want to buy a property not only from one summer.

I know all the owners personally, they are my neighbours and friends. This is the only way to guarantee my guests an individual attention and a family atmosphere. The owners usually live in the village and always help with their advice when needed, and in summertime they often offer you fresh vegetables from their gardens. You'll remember the whole year the taste of sun-ripened tomatoes. I can promise you!

See you soon in Liguria!

Im Hinterland von Imperia. Vasia im Val Prino. Extra Vergine Immbilien. Ihr eigenes haus in Ligurien.
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